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Hazard Communication

GHS, REACH & CLP, HCS, WHS, JIS etc. - they all serve one goal: transparent, consistent, and clear hazard communication within the global chemical supply chain.

Protection of people and  the environment is at the heart of chemical regulation for most countries worldwide. With Europe taking the lead in novel chemical regulation, by introducing the REACH regulation in the mid 2000s und subsequently introducing GHS by the CLP regulation over the next decade, a huge change in global policy-making took place since then. Many countries have since published plans to introduce REACH-like regulations and have taken steps to introduce GHS into national law.

Given the importance that nowadays is placed on identifying risks through valid data and consequently mitigating risks through sound risk management measures (RMM) and phasing out of very hazardous chemicals (so called Substances of Very High Concern – SVHC), it comes with no surprise, that the Safety Data Sheet has been established as the major tool for hazard and safety communication in the supply chain. Proper classification, labelling and packaging of chemical products is thus more important than ever to support business goals and appeal to business partners.

With Europe's harmonized Poison Centre Notification (PCN) system and its SCIP database for notification of SVHC-substances in articles there are two further notification systems in place for companies doing business in or through Europe must look out for.

Hazard communication within the global chemical supply chain: ✅ Safety Data Sheets ✅ Harmonized Poison Centre Notification ✅ C&L Inventory ✅ Scip Database

Our Services at a Glance

  • Classification and labelling of substances and mixtures according to CLP
  • Review, creation, translation and updating of safety data sheets and hazard labels
  • Notifications to poison control centers (Annex VIII CLP)
  • Managing entries to the SCIP database
  • Entry in the classification and labelling inventory (C&L Inventory)

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We manage your
regulatory challenges.

Contact us with specific questions, a defined project or as a full-service partner for your regulatory needs.

We manage your
regulatory challenges.

Contact us with specific questions, a defined project or as a full-service partner for your regulatory needs.

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