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European poison centre notifications (PCN)

Product notifications according to CLP Article 45 or the new CLP Annex VIII - The information from the PCN serves as a basis for the poison information centres in the respective country in case of medical emergencies in order to be able to provide rapid assistance.

As a further development of the national product notifications, the information requirements in particular have been harmonized at European level. In other words, where there used to be 28 different notification systems with different requirements, there will in future be one central notification with the same content for all EU member states. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) also describes the new harmonized information requirements on its website.

Hazard communication within the global chemical supply chain: ✅ Safety Data Sheets ✅ Harmonized Poison Centre Notification ✅ C&L Inventory ✅ Scip Database

We can handle harmonized poison centre notifications (PCNs) in their entirety, including the preparation of the UFI, for you.

Unique Formula Identifier – UFI

Annex VIII establishes a unique formula identifier (UFI) to be included on the label of the mixture, which establishes a clear link between the product placed on the market and the information provided in response to requests for information in the event of a medical emergency. 

Complete formulation information

With a few exceptions, the complete formulation must be provided in the product notification. Concentration ranges can be specified for ingredients, but these are much narrower than, for example, in the safety data sheet. For certain ingredients, e.g. dyes or fragrances, it may be sufficient to choose a generic name to make it easier to report product groups.

Toxicological Information

Toxicological information for the product must be provided. This information is usually found in the MSDS for the product and should be analogous to the data listed there in section 11. 

European Product Categorization System (EuPCS)

EuPCS means "European product categorization system" and is an integral part of the harmonized product notification.

Each product is assigned a product category based on its intended use. This is not to be confused with the intended use from section 1 of the safety data sheet.

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We manage your
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Contact us with specific questions, a defined project or as a full-service partner for your regulatory needs.

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