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KKDIK - Turkey Reach

We check for you whether your substances need to be registered and ensure your marketability through Only Representative and (pre-)Registration services.

Supporting global regulatory chemical control by providing ✅ registration, ✅ notification and authorization for EU-REACH, BPR (biocides)

Kimyasalların - Chemical
Kaydı - Registration
Değerlendirilmesi - Evaluation
İzni - Authorization
Kısıtlanması - Restriction

KKDIK – a Brief Overview

The Turkish equivalent of the European REACH regulation came into force on 23.12.2017. However, the similarity to EU-REACH does not only refer to the name of the regulation.

The content of the KKDIK regulation is very much based on the European REACH system and has been adopted directly from it for the most part.

There is a pre-registration period until 31 December 2020 for all substances with a tonnage of > 1 tonne/year. Manufacturers who are not based in Turkey can fulfill their obligation by means of an OR ("Only Representative"). Companies that pre-register will automatically be included in a forum – very similar to the pre-SIEF ('Substance Information Exchange Forum') - for the notified substance. A collective registration will be carried out.

By 31 December 2023, all substances should be finally registered. In contrast to the EU-REACH, there are no different deadlines for various tonnage bands.

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Specifics of the KKDIK - (certified) Chemical Safety Assessment Experts (cCSA)

KKDIK requires a review of the registration dossier and the preparation of the Chemical Safety Assessment and report by a certified "Chemical Safety Assessor" (KKDIK, Annex 18).

The cCSA not only has to complete specific training and a test to obtain the required certificate. It is also mandatory that he is a resident of Turkey.

If you are importing chemicals to Turkey, it is crucial to act fast. 
The appointment of an OR is of great importance in order to meet the registration requirements as a non-Turkish based manufacturer. It is essential that a possible OR meets the necessary requirements of the regulation and is cCSA certified.

We can help you in all questions regarding KKDIK, cCSA and Only Representatives for Turkey. With our longtime partner in Turkey, we can fulfill all requirements resulting from the KKDIK.

We manage your
regulatory challenges.

Contact us with specific questions, a defined project or as a full-service partner for your regulatory needs.

We manage your
regulatory challenges.

Contact us with specific questions, a defined project or as a full-service partner for your regulatory needs.

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